The Crucible as a Tragedy

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The Crucible as a tragedy The Crucible can be seen to be a tragedy in a number of ways, mainly because the main character is faced with, in the words of the author, Arthur Miller, himself, a tragic dilemma. John Proctor is the main character in the play of The Crucible. At the outset of the play, he does not appear to be a central character, but as the story develops, one can see that …

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…could be more tragic than the ruthless killing of innocent men, women and children simply because there exist factions and hate within a small town? What more could be more tragic than having to choose between selling your soul for mortal life and preserving your soul for eternal life, then choosing mortal death over eternal hell-fire? As such, it can be seen that The Crucible is, undeniably, a tragedy in every sense of the word.