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The Crucible The play, The Crucible, is one with a vast amount of strength, and intelligence. The play is one in which a small suburban town in Massachusetts is overtaken by the devil, and witchcraft. It accurately retells the historic happenings of what the town of Salem, Massachusetts, went through during the spring of 1692. In this play, many if not all, of the characters make some sort of sacrifice cracter that sacrifices many "more substantial" …

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…family, and he sacrificed his life to keep his good name in the town. John Proctor sacrificed many very meaningful things, which were ever so dear to him. These sacrifices and many other circumstances are what mad the play what it was. In short, saying that Arthur Miller, a one of a kind author, can only make a one of a kind play The Crucible possible. Bibliography Miller, Arthur. The Crucible. New York. Penguin Plays, 1981.