The Corporate Society of Medieval Life. Question: Medieval people saw themselves as a part of corporate society. Explain how they differed from Renaissance men and women.

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Medieval people saw themselves as part of a corporate society. Everything that they needed or wanted came from in side their feudalistic society. They had very little contact outside of their society. The people of the Middle Ages worked together as a corporation to meet their needs. The social classes were rigid and were very strict, there was very little movement within their society. Serfs were owned as property and were responsible for cultivating and …

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…ancients in order to come to know God. They interpreted the classics from a Christian point of view. The Renaissance humanists, although very Christian, approached the classics differently. Where medieval writers looked to the classics to reveal God, Renaissance humanists studied the classics to understand human nature. Humanists rejected classical ideas that were opposed to Christianity. Most importantly, humanists were more self-conscious about what they were doing and they stressed the realization of human potential.