The Conversation, directed by Francis Coppola

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Murder, scandals, and the frightening world of surveillance all intertwine to form Francis Ford Coppola's thriller, The Conversation. The viewer, engulfed in a restricted narration, explores the mystery Harry Caul, the protagonist, has caught himself in. A narration that begins objective with spurts of subjectivity is enhanced by the peculiar character traits of Harry. A plot that slowly unravels with surprising turns and leaves the viewer dangling at the end explores the dangers and horrors …

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…his strange traits are revealed. Then through a restrictive narration you embark on this mystery man's journey, which is also strange and deceiving. The flashbacks you can't understand. And when you realize that there was a huge conspiracy, you still don't receive a complete conclusion. Though these forms of narrative the director and writers formed a mysterious and sinister vision of surveillance. A disturbing vision that the viewer is left to think and worry about.