The Conquest of Cortes

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The Conquest of Cortes What audacity he possessed. Did Hernan Cortes the Spaniard. He was greedy for wealth and power alone. But not even Cortes could imagine that he would conquer the most powerful empire of the 1500ís. The year is 1519, when Cortes sets foot on the Mexican beaches along with 550 men, 16 horses, 14 cannon, and many dogs. Shortly after he was greeted by ambassadors of the Aztec empire who were under rule of Montezuma II …

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…America because he and his men built Mexico City on top of the Aztec Kingdom. He does not on the other hand deserve any recognition for discovering Central America, for the largest empire in the world proceeded him, so in factuality discovered nothing. He greatly influenced Central America, for not only did he wipeout the largest civilization on the planet at that time but he established one of the largest cities in the present day.