The Classification and Evolution of Sponges and Starfish.

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The Classification and Evolution of Sponges and Starfish By Abstract For the purpose of this research project the subjects shall be cushion starfish a member of Phylum Echinodermata and Mycale sponge a member of Phylum Porifera. Both are members of Kingdom Animalia and invertebrates. The relative ages of each are Pre-Cambrian and early Cambrian to Ordovician respectively. Commonalities in physical characteristics and ancestry are obvious and inferred. These inferences are substantiated by included data and …

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…prominent Echinoderms. References Campbell, Reece, and Mitchell. (2002). Biology. Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Company Introduction to Porifera: Porifera: Porifera: Systematics Wilson, H.V., 1937. Notes on the Cultivation and growth of sponges from reduction bodies dissociated cells, and larvae. In: Culture Methods for Invertebrate Animals, edit, by Galtsoff et al., Comstock, Ithaca, pp. 137-139