The Breakfest Club

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The Breakfast Club Theresa Puchta is very accurate in her description of the merits and limitations of John Hughes’ films. Almost all of the characteristics and themes she has described in the article: suburban setting, vague social concerns, high school cliques, uncaring parents, characters wearing the latest fashions and top 40 soundtrack music have been proven true in The Breakfast Club. The movie has a suburban setting inside a high school, and the characters each belong …

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…movie are not depicted as sex objects, thoughts, feelings and actions put forth by the female characters have as much to do with enrolment of the plot as those put forth by the male characters. This wraps up the descriptions of the merits and limitations of the films of John Hughes, as wrote in “John Hughes: The Teen Film Director As Auteur” and agreed to by me, based on my personal observations throughout the film.