The Book of Judges

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The book of Judges is the sequel to Joshua. It is the seventh book of the Old Testament. It recounts stories and events from the death of the hebrew leader and prophet Joshua to the birth of the hebrew Samuel. That is roughly, from the end of the Israelite conquest of Canan in the 13th Century B.C to the begining of the monarchy in the 11 th century B.C. It tells about the hebrews …

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…usually with the resolution. The resolution is often the Israelites asking for Gods forgiveness. The structure of the book of Judges is quiet complex. The introduction of the conquest of Canaan and a characterization of the period of the judges. The main body of the book consists of narratives about the judges. The book concludes withe supplements about the migration of the tribe of Dan to the North and about the sins of the Benjamites.