The Beach is Beautiful Romantic and Relaxing

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The beach is a beautiful place to relax and be romantic with the love of your life, as you watch the bright, deep-orange, and pink, colorful sunset. Take a soft warm blanket, sparkling cold strawberry wine, and crystal clear glasses. Sit beneath the deep blue sky and wait for the twinkling stars to appear like shining diamond rings under a huge Florissant jeweler’s lamp. Cover your feet with the white shimmering grains of sand …

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…and salt water that blows through the wind. Hold hands with your lover as you amble along the boardwalk that ends with the sound of crashing waves. Share the wonder, beauty, and splendor of hundreds of constellations spread throughout the God’s vast, open heavens. The tranquility and glory of the deserted beach can be matched by no other. It is certainly a creation of God’s infinite love and compassion. Bibliography