The Battle of Gettysburg 2

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On the one hand, Gettysburg was an accident on the other, Gettysburg was inevitable. General Robert E. Lee followed the roads north toward Pennsylvania’s capital Harrisburg. Gettysburg itself was a small town in size; it was at the intersection of many different roads. Lee’s route led him and his troops to an encampment northwest of the town. One of the brigades was assigned the task of entering Gettysburg because earlier reports had it …

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…The Confederates had nobody to come in and replenish their army. Thus giving Meade the large more powerful army that the confederates would never again defeat. Gettysburg was a battle for quick thinking and fast decisions. In just three days, more carnage than America had ever seen had been done in a small town in Pennsylvania. To think that all they were looking for was shoes. They got a lot more than they bargained for.