The Battle of Britian

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Nice Guys Finish Last “Nice guys finish last” as the old saying goes. It might have come from Niccoló Machiavelli. As many people could tell from his attitude, he thought you should be feared not loved. Not necessarily cold hearted and mean but make people know who you are and respect what you do. Machiavelli thought that the most important thing was your army. As he said “A prince must lay strong foundations otherwise he …

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…feelings. To sum it all up Machiavelli believed that you had to be mean and not care what people thought or how mean you were to get ahead in life. He thought that you couldn’t just go around being the nice guy, but by being meaner and saying what you think you could get yourself somewhere. From what Machiavelli has showed me and from what I have read, maybe nice guys do finish last.