The Bacchae

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The Ultimate Morality Test The Bacchae represents an authentic interpretation that is full of temptation in the natural world. I am going to compare the temptations of society that we as individuals encounter everyday with the allure of nature in the Bacchae, specifically focusing on temptation offered by Dionysos. Humans in a civilized society have to make choices everyday resulting in their decisions whether they have positive or negative contrasting effects in compilation to societies …

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…of human nature, but he couldn’t reveal his feelings because of his pride. In the end his curiosity got the best of him. As we read in the play, Pentheus climbed up a tree to finally see what he had been rejecting to see all along. Thus the God of wine eventually got the best of him after Pentheus revealed his vulnerability of his own human nature. Bibliography Stages of Drama: Carl H Klaus