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The Aztecs The history of the Aztecs begins with the Mayan civilization of Mesoamerica. The greatest power the Americas had ever seen, the Maya were advanced in agriculture, as they had learned from the Incas, and built huge cities, with pyramids that told the movement of the planets and the earth’s course around the sun. The Maya spawned a small, yet advanced sub culture known as the Toltecs; however, their prosperity was to be …

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…god, and hence feared and respected him. It was not until they saw him melting their statues and shipping the blocks of gold to Spain that they acted. They attacked Hernanado and his men, and succeeded in driving them off. However, Cortes returned later with the support of local Indian tribes that hated the Aztecs for centuries of cruel treatment to defeat the mighty Aztecs and take the empire. This ended the Aztec civilization forever.