The Atomic Bomb

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The Atomic Bomb By Douglas Thornton BOOM! The first detonation of an atomic bomb was on July 16,1945 on Hiroshima, Japan . That was one of the reasons why I picked this topic. Another reason was that there is lots of information on the atomic bomb out there and the last reason is I wanted to know why the atomic bomb has great explosive power. The main part of an atomic bomb is of course an atom. …

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…which can kill people. If we stop making these bombs then we don’t have to worry so much about that and we can live in peaceful and a happy world. Bibliography Bibliography Berger, Melvin, Our Atomic World New York,London,Tornton,Sydney Franklin Watts, 1989 Bracchini, Miguel A. “The Manhattan Project” The Manhattan Project April 30, !997 5pg. copyright unknown http:/ Encyclopedia Britannaica CD Copyright 1994-1998 Encyclopedia Britannaica inc.