The Ancient Art of Jujitsu, and the Modern Form of Judo

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Judo is a very interesting and complex modern sport based around the principles and rules of Jujitsu. I am interested in Judo because I used to be in Karate and Martial Arts. I am curious about the ancient Japanese forms of Martial Arts and how they affected the Japanese culture. I did not have much prior knowledge before this project except, but I did know some extremely basic moves such as punches and kicks. Also …

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…benifical to people of all ages. My research on the subject of Judo has increased my understanding of Judo very much so, before I had no idea how complex and thought out it was. It has also slight change my outlook at people because I am a big guy but Judo is taught so you can defeat an opponent larger than yourself so I do not think I will be "throwing my wieght around" anymore.