The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness

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An essay on “The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness by Erich Fromm. Amount of pages: 478. The book goes on in explaining the ways of aggression and how it reaches into man. Citing aggressive examples in the behavior of necrophilics and Hitler. The author goes into the early life of Hitler and his parents. How it had effect on what he became and his destructive way of life. He was a man that laid half way between …

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…hatred and create havoc. So to a point it is also threatening. I would like to see “reduction in aggressiveness” techniques used. To create a more calmer world, and not have any other necrophilics running around, but one or two would be a good balance. I found all this information interesting. I know I will do more research on topics that branch off from aggression, now that I have a little better understanding on it.