The Age of Jackson and its Political Impact

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In the Presidential election of 1828, as the masses had expected, Andrew Jackson the people’s hero was handily elected as the 7th President of the United States. Throughout the 19th century, Jackson was surely one of the most popular Presidents ever since George Washington rose into power as the first President. His quick mind, shrewdness and toughness in political affairs resulted in many changes for the government. Not only did he reform the government policies …

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…to political life in the 19th century. Not only did his presidency executed many reforms over government officials, their implied powers, policies toward Indians and the market economy, but also it firmly established the two-party system in American politics. While the Whigs eventually lost its influence and the Republican Party took its place, this two-party system has remained pretty much the same. Even until now, it is still dominating the country’s politics. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**