That the Beatles acclerated the change in society.

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Hypothesis: "That the music of the Beatles accelerated the change of society". By the time the fifties was over the world was looking for a fresh new sound and look in the music industry. It came in the shape and form of four young Liverpoodlians. As John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr (Richard Starky) shook their mop tops and strummed out their new style of Rock 'n' Roll, an entire generation stood …

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…The Beatles unseen, Penguin books, London, England.  Du Noyer, Paul (1997) We all shine on, Harper Collins Publishers, Sydney, Australia.  Bego, Mark (1996) The rock & roll almanac, Macmillan Publishers, New York, USA. Web sites.  Human Resources Surveys completed by family and friends, no name will be supplied for the respondent's sake. Thankyou to all who helped by completing a survey. John (right) and Paul (left) rocking out.