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Tag Description Arguments for Tag Notes a anchor (hypertext link) named anchor (bookmark) address address char style Word Pro treats this as a "character style" rather than a "paragraph style", as NetScape does. b bold base specifies base URL for external references NOTE: All partial URLs in document will use the URL specified in the base tag to form a full URL. blockquote quote char style body body / document preferences NetScape Extensions: bgcolor,background,text,…

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…size Note: big=min(7, current font size + 1) small=max(1, current font size - 1) (font size is NetScape's system whose valid range is from 1 to 7) not exported; instead *font size=...* is used instead center centers Exported only if impossible to center a section of text using standard HTML font changes font attributes size={absolute size, increment/decrement size} color={blue,green,red,yellow,white,magenta,purple,cyan,black,gray,grey,#RRGGBB} color always exported as #RRGGBB