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Williams, Tennessee Williams, Tennessee (1911-1983), American playwright and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, whose works are set largely in the American South. Williams was born in Columbus, Mississippi, on March 26, 1911, and named Thomas Lanier Williams. He spent most of his youth in St. Louis, Missouri. After intermittent attendance at the University of Missouri and Washington University, he received a B.A. degree from the University of Iowa in 1938. He worked at a variety of odd jobs …

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…is Moon Lake, located between Clarksdale and Tunica, MS. The lake is mentioned several times in Williams's works, and is still a magnet for "spooners." (Photo taken in 1998.) Across the street from Moon Lake is Uncle Henry's, formerly the Moon Lake Casino mentioned in Williams's work. Uncle Henry's is one of the Clarksdale area's best restaurants, and also serves as a bed and breakfast inn. Photo in 1999 http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** Tennessee Williams Life and Works