Tells of how comedy is used in the film Roman Holiday by Willaim Wylen.

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In William Wylen's Roman Holiday, the use of comedy in the film especially by the character of Joe Bradley which was played by Gregory Peck. When Bradley had to keep his true identity secret from Princess Ann many comedic scenes occurred. When she asks him what he does for a living he says "I sell fertilizer" which is comical since fertilizer is manure and he is feeding her manure in his lies so to speak. …

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…the photographer, and the audience and that Princess Ann doesn't know about. The comedy in the movie adds to it because its takes away from the drama and romance and adds a third ingredient to the film. The wonderful comedy has made this movie a classic and very enjoyable. The setting of the film was nice and the actors did a great job as well, yet it was the comedy that made the film great.