Teh civil rights leader Sojourner Truth.

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Sojourner Truth Sojourner Truth was a very famous black woman. She was the first black woman to speak out . against slavery! Back then her name was not Sojourner Truth. Her name was Isabella Baumfree. She was born in Ulster County, New York in 1797. The first family she was sold to was a Dutch family called the Hardenberghs. When she was sold to the Hardenberghs, she did not speak English or Dutch. But time after time, …

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…free and would be here 40 years more to havae equal rights for all!" Sojourner spent her last years quietly with her family at her home near Battle Creek. In 1883, after a long illness, she died. More than a thousand people, including many of the famous abolitionists, and woman's rights activists of her day, came to her funeral to pay their respects. This tall, deep-voiced former slave helped plant the seeds of "equal rights for all.