Taiwan vs China

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John D. Schaeffer / Geog 128 Writing Assignment #3 “China Says Taiwan Cannot Continue Delaying Reunion” China has issued an 11,000 word report entitled “The One-China Principle and the Taiwan Issue.” The report sends a signal to the Taiwanese government that the powers in Beijing are growing impatient with recent delays in the reunification negotiations. Although the report mentions no formal timeline for official reunification, it has become clear China is not about to give up on effort to …

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…United States government. Under these terms lie the most fruit for a healthy relationship between these three countries. Most likely, China’s terms for reunification will evolve to a point where the United States may find it beneficial to encourage Taiwan to reunify and cut their losses. This will hold true to the stated American policy of backing the “One-China” ideology while at the same time ensuring the process is fair for Taiwan. Bibliography NYTIMES