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TIMKEN MUSUEM OF ART The Timken Museum of Art has its roots in the coincidental San Diego Relationship between two sisters, the Misses Anne R. and Amy Putnam, members of the Timken family of the Timken roller bearing treasure, and a local attorney, Walter Ames. The affluent Putnam sisters arrived in San Diego in the early 1900s from Vermont, accompanied by their elderly parents and preceded by a millionaire uncle, Henry Putnam. The two sisters …

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…course of study and by 1843 was a practicing architect and artist. I particularly like landscapes that portray nature. This is my favorite. I like the soft glorious and brilliant colors of the trees. I enjoy how the sunlight slightly beams its way through the clouds and brightly shines on the water. He has shown background and foreground in the painting. There is also use of lines for the trees and pointing shapes for the mountains.