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How different cultures affected English Theater Theater unites the past and present in a unique cultural experience. Theatre continues to thrive and has become an important subject for study in schools and universities. Reaching back in time and across the world, this ranging new history draws on the latest scholarly research to describe and celebrate theatre’s greatest achievements over 4,500 years, from festival performances in Egypt to international multicultural theatre in the late twentieth century. …

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…language, Shakespeare was also an actor-manager of a professional company. He wrote to be performed; the script was only important until the actors knew there lines. Shakespeare never bothered to publish his plays- the first Folio of 1623, which includes texts of most of his 38 plays, was collected only after his death. His work, covering a broad range of comedy, tragedy, history, and pastoral, includes such immoral characters as Hamlet and Falstaff, Rosalind and Lady Macbeth.