System of Globalization. We are the Leaders in this post Cold-War system

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America's Role in the System of Globalization Quotes: "If you look at globalization as the dominant international system today, and you look at the attributes that both companies and countries need to thrive in this system, you have to conclude that America has more assets, and fewer liabilities, in relation to this system than any other major country" (Friedman 368). "While the distinction between what is globalization and what is Americanization may be clear to most …

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…to show other nations that their quality of life can be improved and to use us as an example. If Americanization were 100%, the whole world would be one free market capitalist society. While Americanization and globalization are often confused, it is obvious that total Americanization has not taken place, only that which is accepted and embraced with open arms. Globalization is simply a necessary system to keep all nations afloat in the current fast-paced world.