Symbolism and imagery in william blakes poem the echoing green

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From dancing daffodils to a wandering breeze, poets use many different literary tools to help express their thoughts. The dictionary defines symbolism as the representation of things by means of a symbol. Imagery, also a type of symbol, can be defined as mental images or figures of speech. These include vivid descriptions, which convey poetic images. Authors like William Blake feel that the use of symbolism and imagery assist in bringing their works of art …

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…different tone. His is almost like the light at the end of the hall, there could be something hiding in the corner, but the presence of the light makes us more comfortable. Without the use of symbolism and imagery Blake would have never been able to depict the insecurities of children through the rising and falling of the sun. He is able to create a very original message with the use of these literary tools.