Sydney Opera House

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The Sydney Opera House There was no true place for performing arts in Australia and this angered many residents. So Joseph Cahill set up a committee to raise money for an arts complex. Then, for more funding he established Opera Lotteries. With all the necessary funds available, the next step was a design. A competition was organized for the design of the complex. The winner was Jorn Utzon with his design of a complex with …

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…small cast plays, lectures, seminars, cinema, and chamber music. The walls in the Playhouse are paneled with birch plywood. The newest addition to the opera house is the Studio. It has three hundred and sixty-four seats. This new addition is used mostly for modern performing arts and “Contemporary” performing arts. All of these things make the Sydney Opera House world famous for its music, drama, events, and of course its world renowned design. Bibliography encarta 95