Summary of articles relating to disabilty, sex and racism.

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Research assignment Disability 'Help us with our burdens' The Newcastle Herald 18/3/1999 page 13 Families with severely disabled children have threatened to abandon their children on the State Government's doorstep unless they can get more help. Parents are being forced to leave work to care for their disabled children. "When Grace began screaming night and day, father Alan Norfolk had to take time off his job as a storeman to care for their other two children. At …

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…law. "A citizen of our nation who happened to be an Aboriginal girl was not afforded the protection and equality that is her right under Australian law." She did not receive protection under criminal law and the Marriage act of Australia. "Culture is being used far too often as an excuse for aberrant behaviour by indigenous or minority groups." Under Australian law what happened to the young adolescent should not be accepted in our society.