Study notes for civics class about the president's job and the executive branch.

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Cabinet-a group of presidential advisers made up of the heads of the executive departments, the Vice President, and other officials Bureaucracy-a government or other organization with many different departments and complex rules and procedures Executive Order-a rule the President issues that has the force of law Ambassador-an official representative of a country's government Treaty-a formal agreement between two or more countries Executive Agreement-an agreement between the President and the leader of another country Pardon-a declaration …

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…the U.S. government. The president's role as chief of state is mostly symbolic. The role of chief of state is often difficult to distinguish from the presidents other roles. Which are the chief of state, chief executive, and chief of state. Q: How did the cabinet develop? A: As the numbers of departments increased the size of the president cabinet has increased as well. President would need assistance to carry out the presidential duties.