Study Notes for the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Useful for students having seminars on this book, but only notes, not an essay. (Two-Column Notes Style).

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Important Facts: Characters: Huckleberry Finn: He's the narrator of the novel. He's rebellious, opposing the ways of Widow Douglas, and preferring not to be neat and tidy all the time, and not following customs of the society. He seems to be more materialistic than religious, but he has a sense of adventure and is rather daring, as shown by him joining Tom Sawyer's gang or journeying down the river. Tom Sawyer: He's Huck's friend, but …

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…are introduced, and some insight about them is provided through many incidents. The reasons for Huck and Jim escaping the city are given, which is really what the whole book is about. These chapters are also significant because they introduced major themes and conflict between the individual and society, and touch on the subjects of moral values, slavery, and survival on the river, which is vividly described through incidents of the wrecked-ship, Jackson Island, etc.