Structural Criticism on "The Purloined Letter"

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STRUCTURAL CRITICISM ON THE PURLOINED LETTER The narrator and Dupin are in Dupin's office then Monsieur G (the prefect) comes and tells them the story of a purloined letter which was stolen by the minister. Despite all the attempts and researches it cannot be found. While trying to find the letter what the police did are all catalysers. While talking about the event Dupin tells "Perhaps it is the very simplicity of the thing which …

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…and has a performative plot. It has a retrospective ending. Everything is resolved and they all have cause and effect relationship. The binary oppositions in the story are: 1. "simplicity" and "oddity". Although where the letter is quite clear the police could not find it. It is difficult to see things which are obvious. 2."trust" and "blackmail". Although a minister has a very respectable name in the society the one in this story blackmails the lady.