Story of Jonas

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Olin Hill English 50 One Day Part I The day was still, not a cloud in sight. The glowing sun lit the tumbling waves. The white foam smeared along the sandy beach. High above the ocean’s front lie cliffs with grassy hilltops. A road wove through its tangled mess. There thoughts were bound and passion ran free. The young man gripped his steering wheel and held the throttle. He flew through Highway 5 in his ‘78 Camero. …

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…now showed almost no color. His lips were blue: blue like his eyes. His shorts were ripped dangling down his calf. Blood came from his waist staining the Addias’ symbol. Olin’s mouth went dry, “Why did you jump?” His atom apple clogged his throat. “Why?” His eyes clouded with tears. “Why can’t you think instead of going by your passion?” Olin cried as he knelt down over the boy’s body, “Why Jonas?”