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Stomp Stomp is a wonderful array of percussion and rhythmically talented people. A Stomp group usually consists of approximately 15 people. At a Stomp concert, you might see a matchbox symphony, a pot and pan orchestra, or maybe even a broomstick band. Whatever it is you desire in percussion, Stomp probably has it. Stomp comes right out of New York and has been touring the country for about 12 years. Anytime they have a concert, the auditorium …

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…again if I could because I am truly inspired by these talented young musicians. In conclusion, I would like to say that I learned a lot from going to this performance. It had me motivated for the rest of that night and the day after. I wanted to join them right then. I think I could make it, one, because I am talented, and two, because I am hyper so I could keep it up.