Star Trek vs. Star Wars

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While there are several similarities with these 2 epic story lines, there are also many differences. For starters they both take place, primarily in outer space using advanced technologies to travel around their respective galaxies. There are starships, which can travel faster than light, and many worlds to be explored or conquered. There are small battles and entire wars fought within these imaginary worlds. One was created by the late Gene Rodenberry, and the other from …

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…of the pre-quel. But more recently, both have been made into books and video games. There have been toys made, posters, board games, also things such as costumes, stuffed animals and even dishware, have been made to promote these genre's. <Tab/>While the over all plot of these stories is primarily about people traveling thru space, from one planet to another, the details are more ambiguous and differentiate in many ways.