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In preparation for my experiment the first thing i did was gather all Of my materials needed for the experiment and placed Them by the backdoor of my house, because the experiment was going To take place in my backyard. Secondly, i took a nap. Since I was performing the experiment by myself, i wanted to be well Rested for the 6 hr. Span that i would be outside. Thirdly, i ate Something, i did not …

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…sky? Answer #3: fainter meteors, called shooting stars, or falling stars Usually occur singly and sporadically. At intervals, however, Hundreds of such meteors occur simultaneously and appear to come From a fixed point. These swarms are called meteoric showers and Are named after the constellation in which they seem to have their Point of origin. Some appear anually on the same days of each year And are called periodic showers; others occur infrequently at Varying intervals.