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Sports in Society Sports Psychology: Self -- Confidence in Sport Activity (1)         Sports Psychology is one of the most up and coming sciences of the present time. This practice focuses on training athletes to use their mental capacities along with their physical talent to reach what is known as peak performance. Sports Psychologists analyze the performance of athletes and use motivational, cognitive, and behavioral principles to teach them peak performance levels. Sixty to ninety percent of …

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…an athlete. Without confidence in oneself the physical talent means nothing at all. Believing in yourself goes a long way and it is necessary to survive in not only sport activity, but in all walks of life. A little confidence goes a long way. References                  Cox, Richard H., Sport Psychology: Concepts and Appllications. Madison:                   Brown and Benchmark, 1994.         Ferguson, Howard E., The Edge. Clevland: Getting the Edge, 1990.         Ryan, Frank. Sports and Psychology. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall,          1981.