Spain Then Rise From Repression

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Spain: The raise from repression In 1931, Alfonso XIII, the last monarch of spain, went into exile, he was the last of the Bourbons. A provisional republican government under President Niceto Alcalá Zamora took control. A new liberal constitution, separating church and state, was adopted. This is the beginning to spainís rise from repression. At the start of the republic nearly half the people of spain were illiterate. Poverty was everywhere, and industrial wages were …

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…predicted, which meant that he was forced to seek support from several smaller parties in order to form a coalition government. The country of Spain has had its list of rulers and dictators. Ending with Alfonso XII who stepped down from his thrown. Then his apprentice prince Juan Carlos succeeded the harsh rule of General Franco who rose from a civil war. A king, Prime Minister, and a Parliament of two houses now govern Spain.