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Computer Technology and its Impact on Society By Julie A. Rodgers, For The Paper Store - July 1999 VISIT -- for more information on using this paper properly! Most of us are benefiting a great deal from the technological advances being made in the computer and industry. Even the writing of this paper would not be possible, or as probable, without the computer technology that is available today. From our automobiles …

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…ignorance, we may find that we have lost all we have to the world of computers. Bibliography Brooks, Doug. “Technology keeps the U.S. moving at full throttle. (column).,” Government Computer News, (1988) : October, v7 n22, pp. 96(1). Helliwell, John.”Waiting for the true impact of PCs on society. (The Hard Edge) (column).,” PC Week, (1989) : December, v6 n51, pp. 16(1). Morris, James M.. “The human touch. (computer information technology and education).,” The Wilson Quarterly, (1998) : Autumn, v22 n4, pp. 11(2).