Social Changes in the 60s

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Social Changes in the 60ís Many social changes that were addressed in the 1960s are still the issues being confronted today. the Ď60s was a decade of social and political upheaval. in spite of all the turmoil, there were some positive results: the civil rights revolution, john f. Kennedyís bold vision of a new frontier, and the breathtaking advances in space, helped bring about progress and prosperity. however, much was negative: student and anti-war …

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…time; cheers, tears and frantic applause went up around the nation. "Thatís one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind," became the watchword when u.s. Astronaut armstrong said this as he placed his foot firmly on the fine-grained surface of the moon. after centuries of dreams and prophecies, the moment had come. man broke his terrestrial shackles and set foot on another world. the new view could help man place his