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PROBABLE SIMILARITES PSYCOLOGICAL AND SOCIAL/CULTURAL After a serious automobile accidents Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder could take place in any person regardless of their age. PTSD may begin immediately following the event or may not surface until weeks or months later. Treatment and the passage of time may diminish its duration and its severity. For a few, the symptoms disappear entirely. Some other symptoms that are associated with serious automobile accidents are re-experiencing the traumatic event, …

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…crucial. There is good reason for optimism about treatment of even the most severe anxiety disorders. Patients who can cooperate with the therapist and conscientiously follow instructions will recover with behavior therapy. Taking the medications will help patients who suffer from panic attacks improve. When recovering from any trauma there is no replacement for unconditional love and attention. This support given by the child’s parents is the greatest healing device of all. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**