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'Siddhartha' takes place in India probably around 570-480B.C. or 470-380B.C. There is two possibilities when this story takes place, because the date of the Buddha has two theories. Normally, Siddahartha is the name of Buddha but in this story, Siddahartha and Buddha is a different person. Siddahartha was a Brahmin's son. He was very intelligent and thirsty for knowledge. Everybody was delighted and made happy by him. Because of that, he …

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…he had to experience those things to know perfection. From this, I thought experiencing things is very important too. Things that seems bad at one time, might turn out to be something good in the future. This is the summary and what I thought about 'Siddhartha'. It doesn't have a lot of action, but it probably will help you sometime in your life by reading it. Try reading it! It probably more helpful then 'Godzilla'.