Shakspear's "A midsummer Night's Dream".

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Contrasts can be found in almost every aspect of Shakespeare's light-hearted comedy, A Midsummer Night's Dream. The famous play, relies heavily on contrast, which possibly is the most important literary device used within the play. Consequentially, contrasts are constantly being made, chiefly between the three major character groups. These contrasts which become very apparent upon the examination of these character groups, specifically, the serious, sophisticated, love-struck nobles, who are completely opposite to the bumbling, earthly …

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…the fundamental and colossal differences between the love-struck nobles, the earthly craftsmen and supernatural fairies, Shakespeare managed created a dream-like world in which the normal rules of reality have been suspended instead of exaggerating the realities and sorrow of the real world. Instead when the play ends every Jack has his Jill. Midsummer Night's Dream (SparkNotes). New York: Barnes & Noble Top, 2002 (1) Kernan, Alvin. William Shakespeare Comedies and Romances. U.S.A.: Chelsa House Publishers,1986