Shakespeare's sonnet CXLIV Shakespeare writes about the struggle between two opposing forces, good and evil.

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In sonnet CXLIV by William Shakespeare, Shakespeare writes a sarcastic theme about the struggle between good and evil and how he hopes good will prevail, but in reality he knows evil will. To "two angels" on his shoulder, as the poem at first glance conveys, could possibly be metaphors for his real-life loves; The man, and the Dark Lady. Through the poem Shakespeare explains how his "worser evil" tries to sway his "better angel" from …

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…inner conflict Shakespeare faces in reality. He really does have "two loves of comfort and despair". Shakespeare shows people can be manipulative, and it is easy to take advantage of a good thing. This poem can relate to people who are even just friends, and not lovers, could go through the same things and emotions. Time cannot change people or evitable outcomes, nor it can it change people. People just try to change each other.