Shakespeare's Globe

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The Lord Chamberlain's Men, the acting company that Shakespeare Belonged to, originally performed at a place named "The Theatre" on the outskirts of London. As their lease on this building came to a close, Richard Burbage bought the Blackfriars theatre, located in Upper Frater Hall. In 1598, however, after enduring complaints of their neighbors and a successful petition to the city fathers to keep the troupe out of Blackfriars, the company returned to The Theatre, moved …

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…Sam Wannamaker saw the beginning of construction on a new Globe theatre near the site of the original. It has been built using original techniques and as close to the original plans as our knowledge and modern safety laws permit. This latest Globe was completed in 1996, and was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II in May of 1997. Every summer now, it offers performance of plays by Shakespeare. Visiting this unique place will be really exciting.