Sense and Reference

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April Chlumsky Philosophy 3/4/00 Frege on Sense and Reference Gottlob Frege developed the theory of sense and reference into a thorough philosophy of language. He assigned logic the task of discovering the laws of truth, not of assertion or thought. The work ‘On Sense and Reference’ has received a great deal of attention throughout the years. Indeed, the work ‘On Sense and Reference’ by Frege, is one of his most read and most refuted works. In …

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…another step. One of the big holes in Frege’s system is that he wanted us to denote every name in order to get to if the statement is true or not. ……(more) Bibliography Dummett, Michael. Frege and Other Philosophers. Clarendon Press, Oxford. 1991. Frege, Gottlob. The thought: A Logical Inquiry. Mind a Quarterly Review of Psychology and Philosophy. 1956. Klemke, E. D. Essays on Frege. University of Illinois Press. 1968. Sluga, Hans. Gottlob Frege. Routledge & Kegan Paul. 1980.