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It really all started at the end of the first lap of 1988 Portuguese Grand Prix. Aryton Senna and Alain Prost were nearing the end of their first season driving together in the totally dominant Mclaren Honda team. All season long, the tension between these two great drivers had been building as the battle for the drivers crown intensified. But, even the most informed observer in Portugal could never have dreamt of what was about to …

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…mitigating factors to ensure that justice was really done. So, was justice served on the 48th lap of the European Grand Prix? For this writer, undoubtedly yes. Schumacher was the victim of his own crude tactics, but as the stewards have decided that it was a racing accident the message is clear, if his aim had been better, it would have worked. All it seems is fair in love, war, and Formula One. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**