"Secluded Sand" .

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"Secluded Sand" It was a warm summer day. The beach was terrific! Quiet and secluded, not a living soul in sight. Tommy looked around, smiling. Exactly what he needed! Quiet place to get some rest. Most men could only envy the way he influenced women, but he thought it was rather boring. Really awful to have all these crowds of empty-headed beauties, barely dressed mostly, hanging around you, making it impossible for you to go …

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…climb these disgusting rocks just for the sake of it. Well, she might come back tomorrow. If he came here regularly, she'd be waiting for him. Everything seemed perfect about this place, except... The colour of the sand bothered her. She had never seen anything like that before. It reminded her of something. What was it? Of course... it reminded her of dried human bones, left for quite a long time in the open air.