Scobie's Relationship with God in The Heart of the Matter by Graham Greene

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In Graham Greene’s novel The Heart of the Matter there is an interesting relationship between the main character and God. The relationship appeared to be, full of love and bitterness. The name of the main character is Harry Scobie and he is a police major. Scobie had a relationship with God. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what the relationship was like between them. After reading the novel one could say the relationship was …

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…have this type of relationship with God. The last few lines of the book prove this point perfectly. “Father Rank said, ‘It may seem an odd thing to say – when a man’s as wrong as he was – but I think from what I saw of him, that he really loved God.’…’He certainly loved no one else,’ she said (Louise.) ‘And you may be in the right of it there too,’ Father Rank Replied.”