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Arnold Schwarzennegger Arnold Schwarzennegger was born on July 30, 1947 in a little town called Graz, in the Styria province, of Austria. During his early childhood in Graz, Austria, Schwarzenegger was encouraged by his father to become involved in athletics. Schwarzenegger means black plowman in Deutsch. At age 15 he discovered weightlifting, which led to the title of Mr. Universe at age 20, followed by an unprecedented 13-world bodybuilding titles. His motion picture career began in 1977 with his role …

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…brought him a broad range of career successes in athletic competition, film acting and direction and business ventures. A patron of the arts, he is a respected art collector. Schwarzenegger resides in Los Angeles with his wife, broadcast journalist Maria Shriver, and their three children, Katherine, Christina and Patrick. In 1997 Arnold underwent surgery for his defective aortic heart valve which he was born with, the surgery had no complications and Arnold made a full recovery.